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Business partners and consumers

We have over 7.7 million business partners and consumers under the license of network. This is an opportunity for a lifetime membership for those who strictly adhere to the regulations and business ethics of the company.

Our employees

Today we have over 2,500 employees working in offices, factories and 107 business centers countrywide. Employees’ quality is our priority and what drives our company forward.

The core of our business is the products

Giffarine manufactures and sells top-quality cosmetics, nutrient supplements, body care products, and food, suitable for customers of all socio-economic backgrounds. Our products are of international standards and of reasonable price. Starting from 84 items, now we have over 2,000 products to offer.

Each product caters to customer’s expectations with total satisfaction guarantee. The substances and ingredients used are guaranteed safe with supporting publications and medical or academic journals. Clinical research is conducted by a team of experienced physicians and pharmacists to ensure the safety and to study the possible side effects from using products.Formula modifications are applied so that products are suitable for all skin types. Giffarine utilizes the most advanced technology in the manufacturing process and the factory is of international standards. The foreign markets’ increasing interest in our products and their reasonable prices reflect the constant sales growth of the company

Excellent service

Up to 107 business centers all over the country is where we distribute our products and provide facilities for business-related activities such as organizing over 600 trainings and morale-boost activities, award ceremonies, and expositions and accommodating staff for site visits both in Thailand and other countries, etc.

Giffarine puts an emphasis on marketing activities, advertisements and public relations both internally and externally. We share our knowledge through a wide range of media consisting of publications, social network. We are ready to adopt innovative and advanced technology for better communication in the future.


Throughout our journey, we take pride in our success in enhancing the quality of life among Thai people.

Giffarine’s revenue has consistently grown from 360 million Baht in the first year to 77,000 million Baht while our business partners have earned over 35,000 million Baht in total. (as of December 2016)

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